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Throughout the United Kingdom there are many people with disabilities of all ages and from all sections of the community.

Swimming is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities; for recreation, fitness and competition. Water is the one medium where people with disabilities can achieve a degree of independence and freedom difficult to find elsewhere.

It is generally agreed that disabled people require integration and not segregation and we in NASCH fully appreciate the benefit of this and are doing all we can in the general national effort to accept disabled people into society.

Many Local Authorities provide a ‘special session’ for swimmers with disabilities at their swimming pools. Some of these sessions have evolved into fully constituted swimming clubs providing that extra safe environment where disability awareness is more apparent.

Participation in swimming and membership of a swimming club can give a person with a disability the chance to express through sport, their own particular abilities.


Below are listed some of the services which NASCH offers to members of affiliated Clubs. Most of these services are unique to NASCH.

  • Free Swimming Galas at both Regional and National level.

  • Insurance:- Maximum cover at very favourable rates. Public Liability insurance is subsidised.

  • The AGM allows all Club members the opportunity to have an input to the Association.

  • Woodlarks” which is our annual weeks camp as a group, with lots of swimming in an outdoor heated pool.

  • NASCH has a Distance Award Scheme with badges for distances ranging from 10 – 1,500 metres.

  • Water Skills Awards which are designed to allow disabled people to extend their water confidence and improve their skills in the water.

  • The NASCH Yearbook gives all Club members the opportunity to read the AGM minutes, Gala Results, reports from the Committee and news from Clubs.

  • Child Protection & other policies.

To affiliate please call us on 01329 833689

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