(FOUNDED 1965)

An Introduction to NASCH

The provision of swimming tuition in a safe environment for people with many different disabilities has resulted in the formation of many specialised swimming clubs.  In these clubs, people with disabilities successfully work with each other and often with swimmers without disabilities.

Need to exchange information and improve inter-club competitions brought representatives of many clubs to an open meeting at Woburn Abbey with the Duke of Bedford as host.  As a result of this meeting in 1965, NASCH was formed.

So that it may successfully adapt and evolve, the Association operates under a brief and simple constitution.

The main object is that NASCH, “recognising the immense value of swimming for the physical and psychological benefit of the disabled, shall encourage, promote and develop swimming amongst disabled people”.

In practice, the main function of the Association is to act as a co-ordinating body of the various member organisations.  NASCH does not insist upon any particular form of organisation or tuition. It does, however, provide  awards for distance swimming and has a water skills programme both of which have proved very popular with the clubs.

Competitive swimming is enthusiastically supported by many people with disabilities and the Association organises galas based on a time handicap system. The first National Gala took place in 1966 at Stevenage. The handicapping system allows for the different abilities of all swimmers with disabilities.

People enjoying themselves in an outdoor pool.