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David Crafter

David Crafter

Hon Treasurer

I am David Crafter and I am at present Honorary Treasurer of NASCH.  I first joined the Lion Swimming Club in Eltham, South East London in 1972.  It is probably the oldest swimming club for people with disabilities, formed in 1959 and the founders then went on to help found NASCH.  I am also the Honorary Treasurer of the Lion Club.

I first started volunteering with elderly people with an organization called TAsk Force when I was 24 and had just qualified as an accountant. I then became a volunteer at other clubs for handicapped people as they were then called.  I used to drive the old minibus for the Lion Club and was involved in the planning for the adaptation of a Renault Master van into a tail-lift minibus.  That served the Club well for 18 years going to the NASCH Gala and Camp and various days out including France!  Unfortunately, it was stolen in 2010.  The police said it had probably been cannibalised and parts used in vehicles all over south east England.

I was co-opted onto the NASCH Committee several years ago.  A couple of years afterwards, the Treasurer had health problems and I was asked to take over and elected to the position at the next AGM. I have been in that position ever since (since no-one ever wants to volunteer for it). I also help the Social Secretary at Camp to organise transport, make the beds (literally as I have to bolt them together), run the bar on Party Night and act as Head Waiter at the Posh Nosh.  Another small but enjoyable job I have to do the announcing at the NASCH Gala (hopefully starting again this November 5th).  Do try and get your club to help the Region provide a team.  Region 2 has, for some years, just been the Lion Club.

The Lion Club started again after lockdown, first with just one session as week on Sunday afternoons in the Main Pool, not morning as before.  We then got one evening session in the Spa Pool.  The Eltham Centre has just agreed to a Sunday afternoon session in the Spa Pool and is considering others in evenings or daytime, albeit as different times. As a helper at the Main Pool session, I also get the chance to swim (one of the few exercises I can still do at my age! No gym sessions for me!)